Do I Need a Humidifier in My Home?

家humidity can really be a “Goldilocks” problem—air that’s too humid can promote mold growth and contribute to the prevalence of allergy symptoms, while air that’s too dry can lead to dry skin, itchy nasal passages, and damage to your home and furnishings.

At Aire Serv, we know how to keep your family and home comfortable using whole house or portable humidifiers. In fact, our technicians can help you achieve your personal ideal humidity level within a single percentage point.

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A humidifier adds humidity to the air by one of several processes (evaporation, steam, impeller and ultrasonic).

There are several types of humidifiers available to homeowners. These include:


  • Evaporative humidifiers:使用膜,芯或织物来吸收水流的水。风扇或鼓风机吹过膜,允许水蒸发。必须定期清洁蒸发加湿器,灯芯或膜应每季度更换,以防止模具的生长和扩散。
  • 蒸汽加湿器,或暖雾加湿器:使用加热水的加热元件直至其沸腾,发出蒸汽。当居民生病时,这些加湿器最常用,因为它们在一个小区域工作。这些不需要清洁,是自我调节,但不建议在儿童附近使用,因为它们可能是烧伤危险。
  • 叶轮加湿器:Uses a rotating disc to send water through a diffuser, which breaks water into small droplets that are dispersed as a cool mist. Impeller humidifiers do not use heat (are safe for children), are low in price, easy to maintain and use less electricity than other models.
  • 超声波加湿器:Uses ultrasonic vibrations to create humidified air. No filters, no membranes. These units work best when they are kept filled with distilled water. Water should be changed regularly to prevent the spread of bacteria.


Whole house humidifiers come in two main types: “flow through” and “drum.” Either type allows homeowners to humidify a whole house without setting up individual portable humidifiers.

Contained within your home’s HVAC system, whole house humidifiers don’t take up valuable real estate in living spaces, or require daily maintenance like re-filling and cleaning.

Central or whole home humidifiers are a significant investment but are perfect for homeowners who live in dry climates or have dry winters, who suffer from health problems, or who are looking to increase the long-term value of their home.



The existing humidity in your home can be measured by a hygrometer. The proper humidity level for your home can be determined by the exterior air temperature. In the summer, humidity levels should be kept between 40-49%. Winter humidity levels are more difficult to regulate, as too much humidity will cause unwanted condensation. As a rule, winter humidity levels between 30-40% are a good aim. Humidity levels below 30% can contribute to health problems and should be avoided.


  • Allergies
  • Dry throat and airways
  • 皮肤干燥
  • 频繁咳嗽
  • 眼睛刺激
  • 血腥的鼻子
  • Headaches
  • 感冒和流感更多,因为病毒热爱干燥空气

By using a humidifier, it’s possible to significantly reduce these symptoms and to live more comfortably in your home. Both whole home and portable humidifiers will assist in mitigating dry-air health problems, building material and furniture problems. Learn more about how humidifiers can help ease winter health problems,在Aire Serv博客上

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在问卷调查服务公司,我们知道呼吸容易不居st about temperature—it’s about humidity, too. Our indoor air quality, dehumidifier, and humidifier services are designed to keep the air you breathe within 1% of your desired humidity level. Your local Aire Serv technician will use a hygrometer to take humidity measurements throughout your home. Based on our findings and your goals, our technician will make recommendations for the best humidifier make, model, size, and operation to keep your home safe and your family healthy.

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