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Whole House Fans


What is a Whole House Fan and What Does it Do?

A whole house fan is a large fan installed in the floor of your attic or at a home’s highest point (the ceiling of the top floor of your home). in operation, a whole house fan pulls air up and out of a home, causing a negative pressure differential that pulls cool, fresh air into the home from open windows and doors. For many homeowners looking to cool their home or promote air circulation without installing a central air conditioner or ductwork, a whole house fan is the answer. Whole house fans are less expensive than central air conditioning and can adequately cool a home if properly sized.


在选择和安装家庭新的全房型风扇时,有几种考虑因素,包括attic ventilation和风扇类型。

Whole house fans come in two types:

  • 直接驱动
  • 皮带传动

In a direct-drive fan, the blades are attached directly to the motor shaft. Belt-driven fans use a pulley and belt to rotate the blades. Typically, direct-drive fans are louder than belt-driven models, but both will keep your home cool.

Whether you choose a direct-drive or belt-driven unit, it’s important to make sure that the fan will be able to exhaust the warm, stale air drawn up from a home’s living area outside. If an attic is not properly ventilated, the fan will not work properly, and your attic may be compromised by mold and mildew.

Calculate the size of the fan you need by multiplying the square footage of your home’s living area (minus the garage, attic or basement) and multiplying it by 3. The resulting number is the number of cubic feet per minute (CFM) your fan will need to move. Divide the cubic feet per minute by 750 to determine the square footage of attic ventilation you’ll need to accommodate your new whole house fan.


  1. 确定所有房屋风扇的尺寸需要。
  2. Head into the attic and select a location for fan installation.
  3. 拆下胶合板地板和覆盖安装位置的绝缘层。
  4. 使用2x10板切割框架为风扇构建框架,以在阁楼地板托梁之间安装舒适。
  5. Cut through the ceiling below the frame.
  6. 使用天气剥离和喷雾泡沫绝缘材料密封在安装风扇的空间。
  7. 安装风扇并使用推荐的螺钉或CLASPS安全。
  8. 将风扇的烤架从风扇下方的房间附加。
  9. 插入风扇。
  10. Open doors and windows in the home.
  11. 打开阁楼通风口或窗户。
  12. Turn on the fan.

As you can see, selecting and installing a whole house fan is a big task.Contact your local Aire Servto see how we can guide you through the process.


Once installed, there are several ways to maximize the output of your whole house fan. Check out these ideas to get the most of your home’s new cooling system:

  • Turn your whole house fan on at night when the air temperature outside is cooler than the air temperature in the house.
  • 如果外面的温度闷热,整个房子风扇不会冷却你的家,但它会移动空气,使热量感觉较低,更容易忍受。
  • Install a programmable thermostat or timer in conjunction with your new whole house fan so that it turns on automatically during certain conditions or at specific times.
  • Close windows and doors in rooms that are not being used to concentrate the air flow in rooms or areas of the home you’re currently using.

Contact Aire Serv for Professional Whole House Fan Installation

Breathe easy knowing relief from warm, stagnant air is just one call away! Contact the HVAC experts at your local Aire Serv to learn about whole house fan installation for your home. Our technicians will walk you through your options and considerations, the installation process and more.

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